Hema Sonnathi

Hema Sonnathi is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Ram Chandra Puram, Hyderabad, India
Hema Sonnathi
  • Address Ram Chandra Puram, Hyderabad, India
  • Email Hema Sonnathi Email Hema Sonnathi
  • Date Joined Qualified August 2016
  • Membership Number Member #105,030


I am a professional homeopath in India with over 12 years of experience. I specialize in treatment of chronic issues in clients of all ages. As a homeopath, I recognize and understand the role of emotional stressors in sickness, health and healing.

I was impressed when my husband introduced me to EFT and EMO as energy based methods to deal directly with emotional occurrences. I introduced it in some of my difficult cases as an accessory to their regular treatment and got excellent clinical results.

This motivated me to study this subject further and I enrolled in the EFTMP long distance course with Kelly. I look forward to integrating this knowledge into my practice in the days to come.


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